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About the Program
The Veriflora Certified Sustainably Grown label is your guarantee that flowers and potted plants have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and with high quality standards.

...from Seed to Store

The farmers, distributors, wholesalers and florists who grow and handle Veriflora flowers and plants are committed to delivering only the highest quality products, produced with rigorous environmental accountability while at the same time addressing the health and well-being of workers, their families and communities.

How Can You Be Sure?

Certification is conducted by SCS, a recognized neutral third party with no vested interest in the companies or products it evaluates or certifies. This independence is vital to ensure that the certification standards are enforced fully and fairly. The certification process involves detailed on-site inspections, document audits, in-depth interviews, and annual follow-up.

Elements of Sustainability

The Veriflora program establishes criteria in the following key areas:

1. Environmental Sustainability

  • Sustainable Crop Production
    Controlling pests and diseases with the least environmental impact; building soil fertility and health to support the ecosystem, prevent erosion, and capture and store carbon from the atmosphere; phasing in organic practices over time.
  • Resource Conservation and Energy Efficiency
    Conserving precious natural resources through careful water use and quality control practices, energy saving initiatives, greenhouse gas reduction efforts, and product packaging minimization.
  • Ecosystem Protection
    Protecting wildlife and habitat in and around the farm, including streams, rivers, riparian and wetlands habitats, habitats and species with recognized high ecological value, and other biologically and culturally significant areas.
  • Integrated Waste Management
    Providing safe storage and proper handling and disposal of farm chemicals, and encouraging composting or recycling of agricultural and non-agricultural wastes.
2. Social & Economic Sustainability
  • Fair Labor Practices
    Ensuring a safe, equitable and healthy work environment, guaranteeing the right to organize, and providing access to key services as needed.
  • Community Benefits
    Supporting local communities through preferential purchasing, hiring, infrastructure improvements, and collaborative problem-solving.
3. Product Integrity
  • Product Quality
    Implementing quality assurance and product tracking procedures to ensure that sustainably grown products are properly handled from the time they leave the farm until they reach the consumer, for maximum freshness and longevity.
  • Product Safety
    Undertaking measures to assure product safety at each stage of product handling.
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